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토익스피킹 Part 3 TOEIC SPEAKING 템플릿: 예상문제 및 예상답변(#1~#10)

토익스피킹 Part 3 예상문제: 일상 대화와 상황 대화

1.가족 구성원 소개

질문: “Could you please introduce your family briefly?”

답변: “Sure! I come from a family of five. My dad works as a doctor, and my mom is a teacher. I’m currently a university student, my older brother is in graduate school, and my younger brother is in high school.”

2.친구와의 약속 잡기

질문: “Do you have any plans for next Saturday evening?”

답변: “Yes, I do. I’m planning to have dinner with my friends next Saturday evening. But we haven’t finalized the time and place yet.”

3.쇼핑 또는 레스토랑에서의 주문:

질문: “What would you like to order?”

답변: “I’ll have the steak and mashed potatoes, please. And I’d like to add a chocolate cake for dessert.”

4.새로운 도시나 국가 여행 계획:

질문: “Do you have any upcoming travel plans?”

답변: “Yes, I’m planning a trip to Japan with my friends next month. We’re planning to visit Tokyo and Osaka. We want to see a lot of tourist attractions and try out local cuisine.”

5.일상적인 활동에 관한 이야기:

질문: “What do you usually do on weekends?”

답변: “On weekends, I usually spend time with my family or friends. If the weather is nice, I enjoy taking walks in the park or riding my bike. And sometimes, we go watch a movie or try out new restaurants for meals.”

6.취미나 관심사에 관한 이야기:

질문: “What are your hobbies or interests?”

답변: “I’m really into photography. I love capturing moments and exploring different techniques. I also enjoy hiking whenever I get the chance. Being out in nature helps me relax and recharge.”

7.최근에 본 영화나 드라마에 대한 이야기:

질문: “Have you seen any interesting movies or TV shows recently?”

답변: “Yes, I watched a fascinating documentary last weekend about marine life conservation efforts. It was both educational and inspiring. I also started binge-watching a new drama series on Netflix. The storyline is gripping, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.”

8.새로운 취미나 기술 배우기에 대한 이야기:

질문: “Have you tried learning any new hobbies or skills lately?”

답변: “Absolutely! I recently started learning how to play the guitar. It’s been challenging but also incredibly rewarding. I’ve been practicing every day, and I can already see some progress. I’m excited to continue improving.”

9.건강에 대한 관심과 건강 관리 방법에 대한 이야기:

질문: “How do you stay healthy and fit?”

답변: “Well, I make sure to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly. I enjoy going for runs in the morning or doing yoga in the evenings. It helps me relieve stress and stay energized throughout the day. I also prioritize getting enough sleep and staying hydrated.”

10.취업이나 진로에 관한 계획에 대한 이야기:

질문: “What are your career plans or aspirations?”

답변: “I’m currently studying marketing, and my goal is to pursue a career in digital marketing. I’m passionate about leveraging social media and technology to connect with audiences and drive business growth. I’m also considering furthering my education with a master’s degree in the field to expand my knowledge and skills.”

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