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토익스피킹 파트5 답변 템플릿, 예상문제 및 고득점 답변(#30~#31)

토익스피킹 파트 5의 문제 형식 및 평가 기준은 아래와 같습니다.

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발음, 억양과 강세
문법, 어휘
내용의 일관성, 완성도

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시간 제한이 있으므로 명확한 나의 생각 또는 논리적인 의견을 펼칠 수 있는 아이디어를 준비하는 것이 좋습니다.
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만능답변으로 쓸수 있는 문장들을 많이 외워두어야 하며 직장생활, 일상생황, 교육 등 여러가지 주제에 대한 아이디어들을 생각해보고 연습해야 고득점을 획득할 수 있습니다.

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서론 : 문제를 그대로 인용
본론 : 이유설명 (아이디어 : 친구, 스트레스, 학교 공부, 장점, 예시 하나, 운동, 건강, 돈, 비용, 환경, 시간절약)
결론 : 그러므로 장점이 많다. 또는 그래서 ~을 선호한다.

토익스피킹 파트5의 템플릿과 문제 유형을 예시로 들어보겠습니다.

토익스피킹 문제 #30 What was your New Year’s resolution last year? and Do you think it’s good to set a new year’s goal?


My new year resolution for last year was to achieve healthy body.

First of all, i planed to set aside one hour everyday for exercising.

For example, for that goal, i jogged 3km every morning

and went to gym three times a day.

Secondly, i tried to drink less with my friends.

For instance, i usually drink one bottle of wine with cheese.

It makes me get more weight.

However after i tried to reduce drinking alcohol

i could control my physical condition.

Therefore, i think it’s good to set a new year’s goal.

토익스피킹 문제 #31
Do you think more people will own cars in the future instead of using public transportation?

토익스피킹 답변예시

Yes i think more people will own cars in the future.

There are some reasons to support my opinion.

First of all, there will be more electric cars because It will be cheaper to drive and have less gas emission.

For example, i always go to work by electric vehicle. I recharge my car every three days and it cost around 30 dollars a month. Which is very reasonable price comparing to internal combustion engine vehicle.

Secondly, cars will have really good auto pilot system in the future, so people will have less stress when driving.

Also they can make good use of their time when traveling with a car.

Therefore, i think more people might want to have their own cars in the future.

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