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토익스피킹 파트5 원어민 만점 템플릿 (#92~#94)

토익스피킹 파트5 원어민 답변요령

토익스피킹 파트 5는 얼마나 질문을 잘 이해했는지에 따라 높은 점수를 받을 수 있습니다. 유창한 것보다 질문에 맞는 답변을 하는 것에 유의하여 답변하는게 유리합니다.

먼저 타이머를 설정합니다. 시간 분배에 유의합니다.

  1. 질문 읽기: 15초
  2. 답변 준비: 45초
  3. 답변: 45초

총 1분 45초가 주어집니다.
이 시간은 매우 제한적이므로 명확하고 간결한 답변을 준비하는 것이 중요합니다. 답변 후 아래 모범답안과 비교해봅니다.

토익스피킹 예상문제 #92

Describe a time when you had to work with a difficult colleague or teammate. How did you handle the situation?

원어민 모범 답안 예시:

In my previous job, I encountered a situation where I had to collaborate with a colleague who had a very different working style from mine. This colleague often missed deadlines and seemed disorganized, which caused tension within our team. Instead of confronting the colleague directly, I initiated a one-on-one meeting to discuss our workflow and how we could improve collaboration. I focused on finding common ground and understanding their perspective. By actively listening to their concerns and offering constructive suggestions, we were able to establish clearer communication channels and set realistic goals. Ultimately, our teamwork improved, and we successfully completed the project on time.

답변 코멘트:

  • 어휘와 문법: 다양한 어휘 (initiate, collaboration, constructive suggestions)와 복잡한 문법 구조를 사용하여 의사소통을 향상시켰습니다.
  • 유창성과 맥락: 맥락을 이해하고, 적절한 말의 흐름으로 상황을 설명하여 유창한 발화를 보였습니다.
  • 내용의 풍부성: 구체적인 예시와 경험을 제공하여 내용을 풍부하게 발전시켰습니다.

토익스피킹 예상문제 #93

Talk about a project or task that you found challenging. What steps did you take to overcome the challenges?

원어민 모범 답안 예시:

One of the most challenging projects I undertook was organizing a large-scale event for our company’s anniversary celebration. The task required meticulous planning, coordination with various stakeholders, and managing tight deadlines. To overcome these challenges, I first conducted thorough research and created a detailed project plan outlining key milestones and responsibilities. I also established open communication channels to address any issues or concerns promptly. Additionally, I delegated tasks according to team members’ strengths and provided necessary support and resources. Despite facing unexpected obstacles along the way, such as venue availability issues and last-minute changes, our team remained resilient and adaptable. Through effective teamwork and problem-solving, we successfully executed the event, receiving positive feedback from both attendees and management.

답변 코멘트:

  • 발음과 억양: 명확하고 자연스러운 발음으로 발화를 전달했습니다.
  • 어휘와 문법: 다양한 어휘와 복잡한 문법 구조를 사용하여 상세한 설명을 제공했습니다.
  • 내용의 풍부성: 구체적인 사례와 상황을 통해 내용을 풍부하게 전달했습니다.

토익스피킹 예상문제 #94

Discuss a memorable experience you had while traveling. What did you learn from that experience?

During a solo backpacking trip to Southeast Asia, I encountered a memorable experience that taught me valuable life lessons. While exploring a remote village in Laos, I had the opportunity to interact with the locals and immerse myself in their culture. Despite the language barrier, I was amazed by their hospitality and generosity. Through simple gestures like sharing meals and exchanging stories, I learned the importance of empathy and connection beyond verbal communication. This experience also heightened my awareness of cultural diversity and the significance of embracing differences. It taught me to approach unfamiliar situations with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Overall, it was a transformative journey that broadened my perspective and enriched my understanding of the world.

답변 코멘트:

  • 발음과 억양: 자연스러운 발음과 억양을 통해 감정을 전달했습니다.
  • 유창성과 맥락: 말의 흐름을 잘 이어가면서 감정을 담아 발화했습니다.
  • 내용의 풍부성: 개인적인 경험을 통해 중요한 교훈을 전달했으며, 다양한 상세를 통해 이야기를 풍부하게 만들었습니다.

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